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International Guild of Knot Tyers - North American Branch
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Join us!
We encourage anyone with ANY level of skill or experience who is interested in any aspect of knots and knot tying to join us. We offer a joint membership in the IGKT-NAB AND the IGKT for one low price. See the Membership page for more details.
Benefits of IGKT-NAB Membership:

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- Join Us! -

Membership Dues
IGKT-NAB Membership Dues are $45 for an individual membership. Youth membership remains at $12.

Your dues paid to the IGKT-NAB covers membership in BOTH the IGKT (UK) and the IGKT-NAB. Membership entitles you to both the IGKT (UK)'s Knotting Matters" and IGKT-NAB's "InterKnot" quarterly publications. Welcome to the home of the North American Branch of the Internationl Guild of Knot Tyers on the web!

Who Can Join?

Membership in the IGKT-NAB Membership is open to anyone interested in knotting and has grown fast to include: professional riggers, knotting consultants, established 'knotting' authors, talented amateurs who until joining the IGKT thought they too were alone, beginners hoping to learn from others, sail-makers & canvas workers, bellropes tyers, Sea Scouts and Rangers, a titled gentleman, and a number of the Magic Circle, as well as numerous boat owners & naval / professional sailors. with representatives on all five continents.

Membership provides a talent pool of people interested in all aspects of knotting. If you have always thought you were 'alone' in your knotting interests. If some of the websites on the web have made your eyes pop. We welcome you to your organization. The members (over 1000 strong) keep in touch through a quarterly newsletter InterKnot and a bi-annual and regional group meetings. We also keep in contact with each other via websites, e-mail, instant messaging, regular internet chat sessions, and newsgroup participation.

The annual subscription is modest, aiming simply to cover costs.

Membership in the IGKT-NAB includes:
North American Branch membership dues
Subscription to "The Interknot," - The newsletter of the IGKT-NAB
Access to & notification of all IGKT-NAB events & conferences
At no extra cost, it also includes full membership in the IGKT:
IGKT membership dues
Subscription to "Knotting Matters," the quarterly publication of the IGKT in England Access to IGKT publications & knot charts
Access to & notification of all IGKT events & conferences
IGKT yearly worldwide membership directory
Please print and complete our membership form (in MSWord DOC format)

OR Please print the following, fill in your information, enclose the appropriate check and mail to the address listed


Individual $45
Youth $12

Make check payable to in U.S. funds to: IGKT-NAB

Send to:IGKT-NAB,4417 Academy Street, Dearborn Heights, MI 48125-2205


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Address ___________________________________________________

City, State, Zip ______________________________________________


E-mail ____________________________________________________

Contact us at knottyrope@prodigy.net Subj:IGKT-NAB Membership Questions